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It is amazing if you think of how far vehicles have progressed. Think of the original car and now compare it to what they are today, crazy right? Believe it or not, but the average car today is more sophisticated in its computing processes than the hardware we used to land on the moon in the 1960s.

Your car may not be performing any moon landings anytime soon, but the computer inside is still just as important. Diagnosing problems with your vehicle’s computer system is no simple task, but here at Import Car Doctors, no task is too difficult for our technicians. We equipped them with the best diagnostic tools needed to diagnose the issue and get you the correct fix. No more throwing parts at the problem to see if that is the fix.

Has Your Check Engine Light Come On?

Your vehicle will tell you when something is wrong if you know what to look for. When the check engine light comes on, do not ignore it! That light is there to inform you there is an issue. The sooner you bring your vehicle into the shop for a diagnosis and repair, the better.

Bring your car into our shop, or give us a call, if your check engine light has come on. Our expert technicians at Import Car Doctors will pull the code, determine the issue and consult you with the necessary repairs.

The Best Diagnostic Equipment

The onboard computer in your car, truck, or SUV contains all the information about your vehicle, but it takes the right tech with the right skills to understand that information and get straight to the resolution. A mechanic is only as good as his tools, and Import Car Doctor supplies only the best for our team.

At Import Car Doctors, we believe in our crew and we believe in investing in what they can do, which is why we invested in the best diagnostic equipment to assist them in their work. Whether it is a check engine light, smoke coming from under the hood, or just a rough idle, we can find the cause and deliver the resolution.

Computer Diagnostics Near Me

Your vehicle most likely is your main mode of transportation, and when it is acting weird it is best to not ignore the signs. You and your vehicle deserve the right service, the right repairs, at the right time, when you bring your vehicle to Import Car Doctors in Athens, GA, you can rely on us to provide just that. No repair or diagnostic is too little for the experts here at Import Car Doctors. We will solve your computer system issues in no time. Give us a call today.